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How do I become generous?


Practice. Like anything else, you get better the more you practice. The Just One Dollar More project was conceived of to challenge me to become more generous. I’m pretty sure that I was generous before I started but is it possible to be too generous? Can you give too much away? Can you help others too… Read More

The connection between God’s grace and our giving


We have all heard the saying “But for the grace of God, go I.” As I read “The Treasure Principal” I got to thinking it really should be “Because of the Grace of God, I give.” In 2 Corinthians Paul uses the  same Greek word for God’s grace as he does for Christian giving. One… Read More

Weeks 16-22 ($133 more + $300 even more)


So we hit December and I started piling up the One Dollar More cash. My wife and I decided to adopt a Foster Care family and fill the Christmas wish list of all 4 kids and the mom. We turned it into a family project and had a lot of fun buying gifts for total… Read More

weeks 11-15 ($65)

75 dollars

Life happens. Sometimes it is necessary for me to not do so much.Such was the case for the last month. Things at home have been crazy and I just haven’t been able to keep up with everything I have going on. So I fell behind on my weekly J1DM project. My catch  up was given… Read More

Week 9 ($9 more)

9$ more

OK so it is getting tougher to give the weeks allotment. This week is $9 and for some reason I had a hard time with it. I ended up a week behind but will catch up this week. The recipient of my generosity was Andrew at the IHOP. He provided great service and earned our… Read More

Week 8 ($8 more)


This week I decided to give my $8 to my church. Specifically the Watch Care fund. The Watch Care fund is for families and individuals that have fallen on hard times and need some help to support the “four walls.” The four walls are food, shelter, transportation, and clothing. To get Watch Care funds you… Read More

Week 7 ($7 more)


So the Stuff The Bus drive collected enough supplies and cash to assemble 45 back packs full of supplies. I would say that is a success! Congratulations to Ben who ran the campaign and got local businesses to donate as well as individuals.

Week 6 ($6 more)


This week I had my $5 from last week and my $6. I decided to roll it all to my week 7 donation and give $18 more to the Stuff The Bus drive. Each year our Keller Williams office does a fund raiser for school supplies which get put into new backpacks and given to… Read More

Week 4 ($4 more)


Well I made it just under the wire. Thursday evening I gave my $4 as an extra tip to my waitress at Chili’s. She seemed a bit off so we asked her what was up. She had just returned from Alaska, from her grandfathers funeral. She had gotten up there the day before he died in… Read More

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